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We believe that collaborating with our customers to improve how we build, market and support our products and services is the only way to achieve total customer satisfaction.

We want to grow along with the industry.

To achieve this vision we must be:
  • Committed to Total Quality.
  • A recognized leader in those markets we choose to participate in.
  • Responsive, quick to adapt to changing market conditions and requirements.
  • Relied on by our customers to provide creative solutions to their unique problems.
  • Providing our customers with total support, at all times.
  • Global in all respects.
  • The technology leader.
  • Committed to participating in strategic partnerships with other world class businesses.
  • One company, providing an integrated approach to customers needs.
  • Well-positioned in growing market segments.
This vision is based on:
  • Trust and respect for all.
  • High ethical standards.
  • Open, frequent and truthful communication.
  • Learning and evolving environment.
  • Blame-free approach.
  • Decisions based on constructive interaction.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Empowered and decision-oriented associates
  • Committed teams who enjoy their work


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