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• Data Cabling Design & Installation
Installing all components properly in an Ethernet system is important. Cables, jack couplers, patch panels; patch cords etc must be precisely installed to achieve the required speeds. With our trained staff we are able to achieve the desired results.

• UPS Supply, Installation & Maintenance Valuable investments have to be protected against power failures, surges, and other power anomalies. UPS Systems will prevent damages including valuable data loss, file corruption and hardware damage. Cablepro will evaluate and recommend the best system to suit your needs.

• Installation of IP Telephony System
Convergence is the way forward in today’s business environment; however, choosing the correct system for your particular business model is paramount to the desired end result. We make recommendations, do the required installations and provide support service.

• Wireless Networks
Wireless technology and wireless mobility solutions can provide great solutions to organizations looking for a high quality modular network. We install outdoor broadband wireless technology, WIFI Access Point Antennas and more.

• Supply & Installation of Standby Generators
Mission critical information service relies a great deal on a reliable power supply. In the event of failures, back up systems are essential. Cablepro will evaluate, supply, install and maintain your standby generator.

• Supply & Installation of Cooling Systems
In a bid to provide complete solutions, we will evaluate your cooling needs for data centre or comfort cooling needs. We supply, install and maintain these systems.

• Electrical Installations
Most systems for data centres rely on electrical power. Cablepro will install the necessary electrical wiring for this equipment. Our highly trained team will ensure that proper wiring standards are maintained.

• IP Security Systems, Cameras & Access Control
An existing network infrastructure can be used for video surveillance replacing the traditional cctv. Cameras can be viewed from remote locations and can be configured to monitor and record in various forms.

•Electrical Lighting Design, Installation & Maintenance
Another area of expertise is the design and installation of electrical lighting systems. We will install to match required specifications to provide proper illumination while maintaining d้cor.

• Fibre Optic Design, Supply & Installation
Cablepro supplies and install fibre optic cables for indoor, outdoor, harsh environments and for various types of transmission. Data, video, and audio can be transmitted over short, moderate and long distances. We will install and terminate your fibre cables for the best results.
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